About Us

The Ryukyu Association of Karate and Gung-Fu was set up not just for large groups to become members or affiliates, but for small groups and clubs too. Smaller groups in other organisations can often get swallowed up and used just for revenue, only to be forgotten about. This is not the Ryukyu way.

The purpose of the R.A.K.G.F is to teach Martial Arts in a traditional way, not as a sport. We have many large groups with us and are still growing. Members can regularly attend training events throughout the year which include a variety of styles and instructors from member groups. We welcome all styles and offer the promise of a non-political organisation.

With the sad loss of Benfell Meijin, Norman Wall Hanshi was unanimously voted in as new Chairman of the RAKGF. Wall Hanshi has been a loyal and active supporter of the RAKGF for the last decade and will continue to build on Benfell Meijin’s legacy.