Membership and Forms

The requirements for membership, which is open to all styles are as follows:

a) The group must have a syllabus to follow
b) The group must have a Black Belt/Sash
c) The group must have no less than 5 members, not including the instructor
d) The Dan Grade/Black Sash must have certification from his or hers past or present group
e) If the group become members they must abide by the basic rules:

1) Hold R.A.K.G.F Membership & Grading book
2) Have a first Aid person in the group
3) Follow the R.A.K.G.F Constitution
4) The group must have R.A.K.G.F insurance or produce evidence of their own

If you require more details please contact us for an info pack.

Forms: (coming soon)
Click to download the Individual Membership Form or Group Membership Form
(PDFs, require Acrobat Reader )